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Project Team Building

CLPs: 24

SF-182 Required

Course Description

This three-day, elective course explores what makes teams work. How to build a team of disparate views around a single goal? Team building begins at the top. Choose leaders wisely and follow the principles of good teams, including establishing a common mission defining roles and responsibilities to gain buy-in, ensuring responsible oversite, leveraging skillsets, building a culture of trust, and communicate, communicate, communicate! In the course, participants will learn the philosophies of how to make team members feel value and valuable through active engagement strategies and getting the team to “row in the same direction.” Participants will learn how to use the project or program as a driving forward to unify team actions and deliverables.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to recognize talents of the team

  • Manage expectations inward, upward, and outward

  • Recognize non-contributors and how to turn them into performers

  • Apply leadership skills to create a dream team

  • See opportunities in changes

  • Know how to identify needs of the team and how to hire the best talent to fit the culture or vibe of a team

For dates and registration, please visit the DATMS website.

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