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Intro to Strategic Visioning

CLPs: 16

SF-182 Required


Strategic visioning is a process for facilitating effective strategic planning conversations. The toolkit for strategic visioning includes both facilitation skills, as well as visual templates. The combination helps groups see their journey and map the path forward. A basic strategic visioning path moves from past to current to future state, followed by action steps. This workshop will help individuals learn how to facilitate using visual tools, as well as identify which tool to use based on the group and their desired outcomes.


Part 1:

  • Intro to strategic visioning

  • Understanding group dynamics

  • Team performance model

  • Intro to visual templates

Part 2:

  • Empowering through vision

  • More visual templates

  • Practice facilitation with templates

  • Reflection and goal-setting

For dates and registration, please visit the DATMS website.

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