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Requirements and Policies

Eligibility Requirements

Participants must be:

  • DoD civilians (recommended grade levels are specified in course details)

  • Acquisition-coded

  • Current with continuous learning requirement


Tuition for all opportunities are centrally funded by the 4th Estate DACM office. All programs and courses are subject to funds availability.

Cancellation Policy

Acquisition workforce members registered for a course can cancel up to the Reservation Cutoff date in DATMS. If a workforce member requests a late cancellation after the Reservation Cutoff date, the workforce member will not be able to submit a self-registration in DATMS for any 4th Estate DACM Leadership and Talent Management Portfolio opportunities for the remainder of the portfolio year or the next portfolio year. Exceptions to the late cancellation policy will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. These opportunities are in high demand. Late cancellations result in training and funding losses for the 4th Estate community.

No-Show Policy

A no-show attrition will be assigned to any individual who fails to cancel within the policy guidelines, who doesn’t complete assessments or pre-course work on time, or fails to attend the first session of the program. Individuals who are identified as a no-show forfeit their placement in the current program and will not be allowed to register into any offerings in the following portfolio year. The agency may be held responsible for any cost associated with a no-show.

Application Procedures

Eligible individuals may apply for one program/course per portfolio year. Individuals may not repeat programs and courses. The application process for self-registration programs is conducted in DATMS, see below for instructions. All participants must comply with their respective agency’s process for requesting external training prior to applying for the training in DATMS.

Self-Registration in the DATMS Event Module

  • Login to DATMS at with your CAC card.

  • Navigate to My Career | Events and select Apply for Events.

  • On the Event Catalogs page, use the horizontal scroll feature to locate the Events you want to apply for.

  • Once the Event is located, click the View all upcoming offerings for this event button.

  • On the Event Offerings page, click the Apply button next to the event offering you wish to attend.

  • Review the Offering Details and enter a Remark if needed.

  • Click the Submit Request button.

The offering request will follow each Agency’s training workflow, usually Employee > Supervisor > DATMS event manager. Once the request has been approved by the DATMS event manager, the participant will receive email notification indicating an updated “Reservation” status for the offering.

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