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Breakthrough Problem Solving

CLPs: 24

SF-182 Required

Course Description

The status quo in an organization functions as the baseline upon which all employees operate. However, this does not mean alternate perspectives and solutions should not be considered. As an organization grows, so too must the status quo. The concepts presented in Breakthrough Problem Solving are a logical follow-on to the skills learned in Critical Thinking for Problem Solving. Breakthrough Problem Solving provides an opportunity to harness those skills and put them into practice to reframe and overcome organizational issues. Challenge yourself to overcome common barriers and transform your thinking by engaging in breakthrough problem-solving.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Interpret the problem-solving process

  • Assess the status quo and explore possible alternatives for accomplishing a shared vision

  • Analyze organizational problems by considering stakeholder viewpoints

  • Overcome hurdles that impede progress or promote embedded thinking within an organization

  • Demonstrate strategies used to create and sustain an adaptable organizational culture

  • Prepare a strategic plan to overcome the status quo

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