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4th Estate DACM

Our mission is to partner with 4th Estate agencies to develop the acquisition workforce through relevant training, systems, and policy guidance that furthers their ability to support the Warfighter.

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2024 Leadership and Talent Management Portfolio

4th Estate DACM Mission Overview

What Are Continuous Learning Points (CLPs)?

Professional improvement is continuous. It includes certification training and a variety of continuous learning activities that serve to increase the performance capabilities of an acquisition professional.

Reminder: The Common Continuous Learning (CL) Cycle ends December 31, 2025. 80 CLPs are required for EVERY member of the AWF (coded).

What Is A Functional Area Leader (FAL)?

Defense Acquisition Functional Area Leaders (FALs) establish the mandatory education, training, and experience standards required within each acquisition functional area and at each certification category (tier). You can also find out more about Functional Areas by visiting the 4th Estate DACM's and DAU's dedicated FA resource gateways. 

Upcoming Events

Registration is only open to 4th Estate acquisition professionals.


Ask the DACM 

Wednesday, June 5, 1300 - 1400 ET


DACM Quarterly Drumbeat

Wednesday, July 17, 1000 - 1100


Brownbag - Intro to DATMS

Wednesday, August 7, 1100 - 1200 ET


DATMS Enhancement Meeting

Wednesday, August 14, 1000 - 1100 ET

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The Defense Acquisition Talent Management System (DATMS) is a module of the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS). DATMS enables the 4th Estate agencies to facilitate and manage progress toward acquisition objectives.



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