Leadership & Talent Management Portfolio (FY2020 Nomination Period Closed)


Leadership & Talent Management Portfolio

The 2018 National Defense Strategy makes clear that the Department of Defense (DoD) faces a competitive environment. Excelling in that environment demands agile leaders and strong teams. The DoD Acquisition Workforce Strategic Plan [FY2016-FY2021] hones in on the importance of cultivating workforce talent and improving quality and workforce professionalism. The 4th Estate DACM Leadership and Talent Management Portfolio includes options for individuals to develop their technical, functional, and soft skills under the umbrella of leveraging essential leadership qualities. We all need to be leaders – regardless of our current positions. Each of us must ask an important question: Am I ready to shake up my commitment to excellence? If the answer is yes, this Portfolio is for you!



The overall focus of the 4th Estate DACM Leadership and Talent Management Portfolio is to further the strategic goal of the 2018 National Defense Strategy to cultivate workforce talent.

The 4th Estate DACM office administers a Leadership and Talent Management Portfolio annually. The portfolio offers a wide variety of opportunities for civilians to develop leadership, functional, and technical skills. Opportunities include two enrollment types:

  • Supervisor-endorsed nomination packages
  • Self-registration

Self-registration enrollment is completed via the Defense Acquisition Talent Management System (DATMS). It is anticipated that portfolio offerings/courses will be scheduled for quarter 3 and quarter 4.

Supervisor-endorsed nomination packages are due to the 4th Estate DACM on 28 February 2021. Nominations must be submitted by your Agency Training Office, please contact them for more information!