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DAU's Virtual Campus (CSOD)

Registration for all online DAU training will take place in DAU’s new Virtual Campus, CSOD. If you have taken a DAU course before, your account information will be available in DAU and you will login using your username and password or your CAC. The DAU Virtual Campus (CSOD) can be found at: 

If you have never taken a DAU course before, you will need to create a profile by visiting DAU's System Authorization Access Request subsite. 

To clarify, the 4th Estate DACM office does not have any control over DAU's CSOD environment. If you have issues accesing courses in CSOD, please reach out to the DAU Help Desk at [email protected], or to get a more timely response, submit an online incident ticket directly to DAU's Help Desk. 

However, even before contacting DAU's Help Desk, you may want to read the Frequently Asked Questions relating to DAU's certification training, credentials and continuous learning offerings, as you may be able to find an answer there prior to submitting a formal Help Desk ticket.

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