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Acquisition workforce members from across the 4th Estate often ask: "How do I register for training?"" The simplest answer is to log into the Defense Acquisition Talent Management System (DATMS) at, navigate to My Career | (DAU Training) Apply for Training, and follow the instructions.

Understanding whether your certification training is instructor-led (ILT) or virtual instructor-led training (VILT) -- both types of training which were universally referred to as "resident training" in previous years -- or online training is helpful prior to registration. All online DAU courses are now offered through DAU’s next-generation learning management system called Cornerstone On Demand (CSOD).

  • If your training is a fully-online offering through CSOD (for example, ACQ 1010), you will be redirected from DATMS to the CSOD site to complete the registration process within CSOD.

  • If your training is an ILT/VILT offering (for example, ACQ 2030 or ACQ 2030V), the registration process will continue to take place within DATMS.

  • The resources below provide additional guidance for common DATMS and CSOD-based tasks. If you have additional questions on how to utilize the various functions within the DATMS system, please contact your Agency's DAWIA POC.

    CSOD-Related Help

    CSOD: How to Create a DAU Profile & Other Useful Resources

    All DAU online training users must have a DAU profile.

    CSOD: Home Page Overview

    Users can apply for online training, access their training, and view DAU transcripts on the CSOD home page.

    CSOD: Register for DAU Online Training

    Users who require DAU online training will need to register in CSOD. Users who login to DATMS first will be redirected to CSOD to complete the registration process.

    DATMS-Related Help

    DATMS: How to Update DATMS Profile

    All DATMS users should regularly review and update their profile, particularly to ensure their email and supervisor are correct.

    DATMS: Identify DAU Online Training

    Users who are not sure whether their training is resident or online can use this one-pager to clarify the type of training.

    DATMS: How to Submit a Certification Request

    Simple 1-2-3 instructions on submitting a certification request in DATMS

    DATMS: How to Submit Continuous Learning (CL) Point Request

    Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) for DAU courses will be automatically added to the user’s Career Brief. Follow these instructions to submit CLP requests for training registered for outside DATMS/CSOD.

    DATMS: How to Guides for Equivalency & Fulfillment Requests

    Guidance includes details about how to submit equivalency & fulfillment requests, including helpful hints on submitting a complete fulfillment package.

    DATMS: Travel Management Overview

    In August, 2018, the Travel Management module was updated. This overview includes information on highlighted features, the travel process, and explanations about funding status messages.

    Training Registration in DATMS

    In August, 2018, the Training Registration Management module was updated. This overview includes information on highlighted features of those updates.

    DATMS Enhancement Request Form (for Quota/Workforce Managers Only)

    A form for 4th Estate agency quota/workforce managers (only) to submit suggested system requests and feature updates to DATMS.

    DATMS How-To Videos

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