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Managing Multiple Priorities

CLPs: 8

SF-182 Required


This two-day, elective course is designed to provide an overview of strategies that a bu professional can use to balance a series of high-demand tasks while handling multiple, urgent priorities. Today’s career experience is inherently dynamic and ever-changing. N requirements, modifications, meetings, contractor performance reviews, agency prioriti supervisor priorities, contract oversight. How to prioritize and choose where to focus efforts and resources?

Learning Objectives

  • Understand strategies for very busy people

  • Explore multiple priority setting methods

  • Apply priority management techniques

  • Identify priority setting criteria

  • Organize a must do and to do list in class

  • Create a personal productivity assessment

  • Work for multiple bosses

  • Solve frequent, predictable problems

  • Thwart top time wasters

  • Handle work overload and unrealistic timelines – managing the manager

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