Leaders Building Leaders

Leading and Managing High Performing Project Teams

CLPs: 16

SF-182 Required

Course Description

A project team is only as good as its leader. Project success hinges not only on the effectiveness of the project team, but also on the project manager’s ability to lead and manage that team. You will develop core competencies in interpersonal skills such as fostering self-understanding, team building, motivation, and conflict resolution. You will gain a better understanding of what drives team performance and how to build and sustain your high-performing team through team assessment, role-play activities, and discussions designed to encourage self-reflection.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the characteristics of high-performing project teams

  • Effectively launch a new project team

  • Encourage peak performance in project teams

  • Apply leadership skills to develop team members’ competence and commitment

  • Lead and manage remote project teams

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