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Writing SMART Job Objectives and Accomplishments for Performance Evaluations

CLPs: 8

SF-182 Required


Highly-successful performance evaluation writing workshop for federal employees. inspiring, interactive, productive and designed to improve confidence and writing of self-evaluations!

Common Problems in Job Objectives

  • Does not reflect the reality of your position and does not represent the ACTUAL expectations or desired end results of your work

  • Overly broad and generalized (e.g., re-stating your organizational mission statement)

  • Summarizes past accomplishments rather than anticipating future performance

Writing SMART Objectives

  • Understand the Purpose of Job Objectives.

  • Contextualize Your Job & Compile Critical Resources

  • Determine Your Job’s Most Important Aspects

  • Connect Work Activities to Desired End Results

  • Connect Desired End Results to SMART Objectives

  • Potential Challenges & Solutions

For dates and registration, please visit the DATMS website.

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