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Acquisition Workforce Certification Resources 

DAU Certification Standards

The functional guides on this site represent the most current functional area certification standards required of Defense Acquisition Workforce (AWF) personnel depending on functional area and tier assigned to the workforce member’s acquisition position.

DAU's iCatalog (Current Edition)

DAU’s Interactive Catalog provides information regarding the University’s regular (certification and assignment-specific) courses, continuous learning courses, the various acquisition functional area certification guides, as well as information regarding alternate means to meet training requirements (e.g., equivalency, fulfillments).

DAU iCatalog (Past Editions)

Archived catalogs are available from 1993 through the current FY catalog.

Position Category Descriptions (PCD)

Position Category Descriptions (PCDs) are intended to assist in determining which functional area to assign to a Defense Acquisition position per Title 10 Sec. 1721.

DAWIA Conversion: Career Fields to Functional Areas

A conversion chart depicting the Feb. 1, 2022 transition from DAWIA's former 14 career fields to six functional areas (updated Jan. 20, 2023).

Human Resources Reference Document (Back-to-Basics)

A reference document for DoD human resources professionals and supervisors to implement the transition from the former 14 career fields to the seven functional areas under the newest DAWIA talent management construct (updated March 2022).

DAU Course Information and Schedules

The section of DAU's iCatalog dedicated to course concept cards and schedules of current and upcoming offerings.

Alternate Means of Obtaining Course Credit (Fulfillments and Equivalencies)

4th Estate Acquisition Workforce (AWF) members can complete course prerequisites and training requirements by exercising the Fulfillment Program. This program permits the assessment of a workforce member’s demonstrated competencies ,i.e., capabilities acquired through previous training, education, and/or experience, against the learning outcomes/objectives of select DAU courses.

DAU Virtual Campus (Cornerstone On Demand)

Use this direct link to access DAU online courses via Cornerstone On Demand (CSOD) with your CAC or DAU ID and password.

DAU Training FAQs

Access frequently asked questions regarding all things DAU -- training information and assistance, support guidance and videos, as well as direct links to DAU help desk resources.

DAU Student Policies and Information

AWF members may access all DAU student academic aand administrative policies and procedures here.

Defense Acquisition Credential Program

The Defense Acquisition Credential Program provides a responsive and timely learning experience that allows you to tailor your acquisition-related skills by offering job-centric credentials..

Acquisition Workforce Tools and Aids

DoD Acquisition Tools and Resources Catalog

A full catalog of hundreds of acquisition-related resources to assist you on the job.

DoD Acquisition Guidebooks and References
(formerly the Defense Acquisition Guidebook)

The DAG has been retired and replaced by a modern set of guidebooks aligned with DoD's new acquisition policies and functional tiers.

DoD Acquisition Communities of Practice

An online hub of communities of practice focused on Defense Acquisition Workforce functional areas, topics and related areas of interest.


An online encyclopedia of common defense acquisition acroynyms, topics and terms.

Service Acquisition Mall (SAM)

SAM intended to help you get your job done by providing usable tools and templates to create your performance-based service acquisition requirements.

Acquisition Requirements Roadmap Tool (ARRT) Suite

The Suite is a collection of tools to help you build strategic elements of your acquisition documents by walking you through structured processed to help you ask and answer the right questions related to your acquisition. It includes a Requirements Definition, Evaluation Factor, Performance Assessment, and Cost Estimation tools.

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