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About Us

There are more than 30 defense agencies and field activities outside the military branches that perform functions critical to military services.

From civilians inspecting items off the assembly line at a manufacturing plant to those performing cutting-edge research needed to maintain the Defense Department’s technological edge, these support agencies perform functions critical to military services.

Acquisition involves the purchase of weapons and other systems, supplies, or services to satisfy DoD needs and support military missions. The acquisition lifecycle ranges from an initial idea to design, production and even the disposal of an item or service that’s no longer needed. Personnel within the 4th Estate are enablers of mission success.

The 4th Estate Director, Acquisition Career Management (DACM) Office is dedicated to supporting the acquisition careers of all personnel across the 4th Estate.


Partner with 4th Estate agencies to develop the acquisition workforce through relevant training, systems, and policy guidance that furthers their ability to support the Warfighter.


Empower acquisition workforce performance through exceptional customer support and career enhancing development.

What We Do

The 4th Estate DACM office invests in the career development of more than 28,000 civilian acquisition workforce members. Our vision is to provide centralized programs and resources to equip and mature the acquisition workforce with the skillsets needed to achieve current and future mission requirements.

We are responsible for the oversight and execution of statutory training, professional credentialing, continuous learning and career development for acquisition workforce members across 14 career fields and five job specialty functional areas. This includes all DoD auditors and a large number of personnel working in production, quality and manufacturing, as well as contracting. We provide tools and resources to enable Component Acquisition Executives (CAEs) to anticipate workforce needs. Specific core 4th Estate DACM office functions include:

  • Provide automated career management functions
  • Centralized Leadership and Talent Management Portfolio
  • Ensure data accuracy and integrity to better inform agency decisions
  • Secure and optimize resources to mature and empower the civilian acquisition workforce
  • Liaison between agencies and OSD’s Human Capital Initiative’s office, Functional Leaders, the General Accountability Office, and other departmental entities

4th Estate Legal & Policy Authorities

The mission of the 4th Estate DACM is derived from the authorities outlined in:

  • 10 U.S.C. Chapter 87, the Defense Acquisition Workforce, provides special authorities and responsibilities to the Secretary of Defense with respect to the defense acquisition workforce.

  • 10 U.S.C. § 1702,
    • a. Policies and Procedures.The Secretary of Defense shall establish policies and procedures for the effective management (including accession, education, training, and career development) of persons serving in acquisition positions in the Department of Defense.
    • b. Uniform Implementation.The Secretary shall ensure that, to the maximum extent practicable, acquisition workforce policies and procedures established in accordance with this chapter are uniform in their implementation throughout the Department of Defense.

  • Section 3.6 DoD Instruction 5000.66 provides policy for Directors, Acquisition Career Management (DACMs) – The Military Department DACMs and the 4th Estate DACM (in the case of the 4th Estate Defense Agencies and DoD field activities) serve as the principal advisors to their respective agencies on all matters pertaining to Acquisition Workforce (AWF) education, training, experience, and career development.

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