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Message From the DACM

We’re excited to announce the FY2022 Leadership and Talent Management (L&TM) Portfolio. This year we are introducing a new web-based catalog that will allow easy access to programs suited to your leadership needs. Within the interactive pages, you will find specific details regarding each program such as course descriptions and submission requirements. Individuals must comply with their internal agency policies regarding voluntary training and all L&TM participants are held to the policies prescribed within this portfolio.

Program offerings within our portfolio are specifically designated for early, intermediate, or senior leaders while others are open to all levels of leadership. Each program description will identify which level of leadership the program is developed for.

  • All programs will be conducted virtually
  • All programs are offered as self-registration this year
  • A Standard Form (SF) 182 may be required
  • With self-registration, all programs must be registered through DATMS, which will require Supervisor approval. The approval process mirrors each Agency’s DAU training workflow, generally: Employee > Supervisor > Agency Quota Manager. Step-by-step instructions are outlined in the “Requirements & Policies” section of this catalog. Individuals are urged to coordinate with their Supervisors to ensure timely approval of applications.

    Some programs will require the submission of a SF-182, as indicated in the program description. Specific guidelines on the submission of the SF-182 can be found in the portfolio under “SF-182 Instructions and Download”. A signed SF-182 by your supervisor is required and submitted to the 4th Estate to fund these opportunities; however, it does not require routing through the participant’s agency. All L&TM programs are centrally funded by the 4th Estate DACM, subject to the availability of FY22 funds.

    I’m confident you will find a program that will strengthen and enrich your leadership foundation. If you have any questions please reach out to us at Best of luck and enjoy the training!

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